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the wedding arch

Do you ever have those moments where you know exactly what you want, but no matter how hard you search, you just cannot find it? This was my situation with the wedding arch. I was looking for something nice and simple, that we could attach flowers to, and was strong enough to be moved around. After a few weeks of searching, I realized that I would have to make my own.

Now, remember when you’re looking at the pictures, when I say “make my own”, I really mean “I conned my Dad into building it for me”…

First, we started with some deadwood, stripped the bark off, and cut them to size.


To make transportation easier, the arch would have to be able to be dismantled. After drilling some pilot holes, Dad screwed in some bolts, then chopped the top off them, so it was like a metal peg.


 This peg slid into a corresponding hole on the crossbar. We had to cable tie across the join to keep everything secure.


Testing out the height of the cross bar

To make the arch stand up on it’s own, we used some metal buckets, with a plastic pipe in the center, then filled around it with quick-set concrete. The bottom of the arch could slide in and out of the pipe.


On the morning of the wedding, we assembled the arch, and got to decorating it.


Yep, that’s me in my PJ’s…

I tied strips of white fabric to the cross bar and sides, then added the frame for the flowers. You can just see them in the picture above, I used chicken wire which was bent into an L shape. These were cable tied to the arch, then filled with flowers.



I really went to town with this, not only because I think it looked amazing over-stuffed, but I didn’t want any of the chicken wire showing.


The arch turned out exactly how I wanted. I’m so thankful that my Dad had the skills (and basically a workshop full of tools) to be able to bring the arch to life! It was the perfect frame for such a beautiful view.


Photo by James Day

Mitty x


old suitcase wishing well

The ‘Wishing Well’ wasn’t something that I had planned, and the idea really came to us when we stumbled across something similar in one of Newcastle’s second-hand shops.

We found this perfect vintage looking suitcase in the same shop, and bought it for $25. The closures didn’t work, but that was because the bottom front panel had been bent so far back. Once it was straightened up, the case shut and locked nicely.


 Dad cut some MDF small enough so it would slip behind the metal rim running around the top of the case.


Using PVA, I glued a layer of wadding to the MDF. I also cut a smaller piece and stuck it on top, so there was a bit more height.


Next, I cut some printed hessian, making sure I had enough to fold over to the back. I used a staple gun to secure the hessian.


Then, using some black elastic, I wrapped it over the front on a diagonal, stapling the ends on the backside.


With all the hessian and elastic wrapped over the edges of the MDF, it was a bit of a squeeze getting it back into the suitcase! With a bit of force, it popped right in.


I was thrilled with how it was coming together, but I felt like the bottom half of the case needed some attention. We ended up gluing another bit of MDF into the bottom of the case as well, to help balance out the weight of the top. To hide it, I simply glued in more of the hessian.


Once the glue had gone off, I removed the pegs, and it was ready to go! Later on, Dad added some twine to the sides so the lid of the case would sit open on it’s own, without having to prop it up against something.


Photo by James Day

Here it is all set up on the day. We had some pictures printed of all the places we’d like to go on our honeymoon, and slid them behind the elastic. I think it looked really lovely, and I’m so happy that we’ve given this old case a new life.

Mitty x

jars and flowers

Flowers are always a big part of a wedding, they look lovely, and can easily carry your colour scheme throughout the whole day. I knew what kind of flowers I wanted, but what do you put them in? I decided on gold jars!

For a good 11 months, we collected all types of jars. Short ones, tall ones, fat one, tiny ones. Cleaning and removing the labels was easily the most frustrating and time consuming part. Some came off with hot water, others had copious amounts of sticky residue that was a pain to get off.

We bought some gold spray paint from Bunnings (I think we went through about 4 cans), and started spraying!


We would spray jars every few weeks, so we didn’t have to spray them all at once.


I think we ended up with about 80 jars. I was a bit concerned that the paint might chip or scratch off, so we tried putting a clear spray lacquer over the top. I don’t know what happened, it must have reacted with the metallic particles, because it made the gold paint melt and run off the jar! We were even using a “professional sealing lacquer” from an art shop! Anyway, the jars held up brilliantly without any kind of sealing.

Onto the flowers! I really wanted to use as many Australian native flowers as possible, they are extremely durable, and the colours played in with our theme perfectly. We went to the Sydney Flower Markets on the Thursday before the wedding, and spent close to 2 hours walking around, picking out the most beautiful flowers! Our plan was to first look for maroon colours, then white, accents, and finally, foliage. By the time we’d finished, the car was packed, to say the least!


The boot was full too!

We got so many different varieties of flowers, and I’m going to attempt to name as many as I can remember…

Protea (I’ve just found out that these are in fact, native to South Africa, not Australia!) in both pink, and cream. Devils Blush. Billy Buttons (those adorable yellow pom-pom things). Celosia (or Brain Celosia, the internet informs me). Eucalyptus/ghost gum leaves. Cockscomb flowers. Kale roses. Daisies in both white, and burgundy. Roses in white, yellow, and pink. An absolute mountain of Babies Breath!


Jars and bits of flowers everywhere!

In terms of arrangement, I really wasn’t too fused about how things came together. I let Nicole and Nyome (my bridesmaids) create their own bouquet, and I did mine. With all the left over flowers, we divided them up between all the jars. I kept some of the larger ones for the wedding arch (you’ll see that in another post), and we pretty much used every single flower!


Photo by James Day


Photo by James Day


Photo by James Day


Photo by James Day

The flowers looked so striking in the gold jars, and I was really happy with the overall look. As you can see in the picture above, we also used some rosemary in a few of the jars, which gave off a very subtle perfume.


Photo by James Day

I love big bouquets, and ours turned out massive! They were heavy too, but I enjoyed feeling the weight of them throughout the day. I absolutely love this picture, the colours are so vibrant, and all the different flowers just work so well together.

I can’t wait to show you more of my DIY wedding, so stay tuned!

Mitty x