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unselfish making: crochet market bag

As much as I enjoy sewing and knitting for myself, I also love making things for others. I get a real kick out of the reactions people have when they open up a little parcel full of handmade Mitty goodness.


I decided to make this crochet bag for a lovely friend of mine, Nicole, that I met at work. Well, truth be told, I haven’t physically¬†met her, as she works in the Melbourne office, while I’m up in Sydney. An afternoon of chatting moved to the topic of the lack of space I have at home and how I miss growing veggies. Nicole happens to be an enthusiastic grower of all things organic. She has given me so much advice on growing, she’s sent me tones of seeds to get started, and she’s also sent me some of the most delicious home made preserves I have ever tasted.


Nicole is so generous, she passes it off as her evil plan to get more people growing for themselves, but I couldn’t accept all her gifts without feeling like I had to repay her.


I had to make her something. I knew she would really appreciate something sturdy to harvest all her veggies in, so I used a pattern from to crochet a market bag. It’s a simple, yet effective pattern, and makes a wonderful bag that is both stretchy and roomy, but folds up quite small, easy to shove into a pocket when not in use.


I made it from 100% cotton that I bought from Bendigo Woollen Mills years ago. I think it’s perfect, strong and sturdy, and can be thrown in the washing machine if it gets too dirty. I only had wool on hand to try and show it off, but Nicole has informed me that it works wonderfully with fruit!


Look at those happy little chickens! I love that she is finding it so useful, she’s been gushing about it ever since she received it!

Mitty x