andover hack

I’m currently 32w + 6d into my pregnancy, and possibly planning too far ahead because I just made a dress to fit an 18-month-old!

MBM_Andover Dress 01

I used the Andover Tee pattern to make this little dress, and I think it worked out really well. It was a very simple modification; first I had to cut the front and back pattern pieces straight across (mirroring the hemline) a few centimetres below the armholes.

MBM_Andover Dress 02

The skirt pattern is a simple rectangle. I wanted a bit of a gathered effect, so I made the width of the skirt 1.5 times the length of the adjoining bodice seam, and 30cm long. I also added an extra inch for the hem, to give the bottom of the skirt a bit of weight.

MBM_Andover Dress 03

The finishing touch was this little woven label from Kylie and the Machine, it says “One Of A Kind”, which I’m sure my little girl will be!


  • Pattern brand/name/number: Andover Tee by Little Lizard King
  • Style/size: Short-sleeve tee with regular neckband, size 18 months
  • Fabric: Printed jersey and pink ribbing from Spotlight (same fabric as this project)
  • Notions: Woven label from Kylie and the Machine, matching thread
  • Modifications/alterations: 
    • Turned the tee into a dress pattern as described above
    • Added a strip of jersey to cover and reinforce the back neckband

This was a very quick and satisfying project! I’ve already redrawn the bodice pattern to add a cute ruffle, I hope to show you that next week.

Mitty x

3 thoughts on “andover hack

  1. Lauren

    What a gorgeous dress! And beautiful photography throughout your blog. Makes me wish my girls were that little again! May I ask what technique you use for adding the strip of jersey on the back or the neckline? My own attempts at this have been very amateurish in the past…. thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. madebymitty Post author

      Oh thank you Lauren! I started doing the jersey strip as instructed on the Stellan Tee (a free pattern by an Instagram account @frenchnavynow_), but I have adapted it and cut out a few steps. I’ve saved a highlight on my own Insta account (@madebymitty) if you would like to check it out x


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