a few andover tees

August is my sons birthday month, and with all the sewing I’ve been doing for bub recently, I thought I should probably make something for him too.

MBM_Andover 01

I wanted a pattern that was simple, practical, and easy to customise. I decided on the Andover Tee from Little Lizard King. It has two different sleeve and neckline options, and cute additional details like a pocket and sleeve tabs. Plus, it comes in a huge size range, from 12 months right up to 14 years!

MBM_Andover 02

For the fabric, I purchased 3 meters of cotton jersey from Maaidesign, 1 meter each of white, navy and paprika. This stuff is absolutely glorious! It’s by far the best quality jersey I have ever worked with. It is thick and buttery and beautiful, I want to make all my t-shirts from it now!

They also stock matching ribbing (for some colours), which is incredible! The colour match is so perfect, and you can buy it in small quantities for neckbands or cuffs.

MBM_Andover 18

I knew I wanted to use the fabrics together to create some really unique shirts, so I jumped into Procreate on the iPad and spent much more time than I’m willing to admit playing around with all the colour combinations.

I chose three navy body mock-ups, and tried to select shirts with different features. I did this for the white and paprika colours too.

MBM_Andover 11

MBM_Andover 10

MBM_Andover 09

Here are the white designs I picked…

MBM_Andover 05

MBM_Andover 04

MBM_Andover 03

… and the paprika.

MBM_Andover 08

MBM_Andover 07

MBM_Andover 06

Even after all these shirts, I still had some fabric left! I wanted to use as much of it as possible, so I managed to patch together the following two shirts.

MBM_Andover 13

MBM_Andover 12

This last one happens to be my favourite out of the whole lot! I love how all the colours work together, and the patchwork is very striking.

MBM_Andover 14

As you can see, I really liked adding these little pockets. They are the perfect size for holding rocks and matchbox cars. I also covered the back neckline of each of the shirts with matching jersey. I find this really elevates the overall look of the shirt, while also providing a bit of stability to an area that gets a lot of wear and tear.

MBM_Andover 15

The sleeve tabs are a great way to add a bit of personality to the shirt. None of my tabs actually open though, I just used the buttons to hold the tab in place.

MBM_Andover 16

My attempts at inserting the henley placket were… interesting. I clearly need more practice but I actually found it rather difficult to keep everything in place, and not have it all become too bulky. You can see in my colour sketches that I planned on using the henley placket quite a bit, but after I did two, I decided against doing the rest.

MBM_Andover 17

The last little thing I added to the shirts was a small folded piece of grosgrain ribbon, to act as a tag. It’s completely useless, but I think it makes the shirt look much more professional.

They all need a bit of an iron (they’ve only just come off my sewing machine), but I am so happy with how they turned out! My son is going to have a very cohesive Spring/Summer wardrobe this year!


  • Pattern brand/name/number: Andover Tee by Little Lizard King
  • Style/size: Size 3
  • Fabric: Cotton jersey and matching ribbing in the colours navy, white and paprika from Maaidesign
  • Notions: Buttons from my stash, press studs for the henley plackets from my stash, grosgrain ribbon from E&M Greenfields, matching thread
  • Modifications/alterations:
    • Added the back neck binding cover to all shirts
    • Sewed the side seams at 5mm to add a tiny bit more ease
    • Didn’t make the sleeve tabs functional
    • Added in small grosgrain tags

Now to wrap them all for my son to open on his birthday! I hope he likes them as much as I do.

Mitty x

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