sewing for baby

I’ve finally started sewing a few little things for the new baby! Sewing tiny clothing items is so quick, and I’ve found it to be very rewarding.

MBM_Bodysuit 01

First up, a little long-sleeved bodysuit by Brindille & Twig. I love how the neckline is in the wrap over style, I find it makes getting babies head through much easier.

I found this beautiful printed jersey at Spotlight, and managed to find some perfectly matching ribbing to complete the look.

MBM_Bodysuit 02

To make a whole outfit, I also made a pair of footie tights using a pattern from Lowland Kids. I really love tights with feet attached, because baby socks just never seem to stay put!

MBM_Bodysuit 03

I think this is a really sweet pattern combo. I can’t get over how well the ribbing and jersey match, it’s like they were meant to be paired together! So looking forward to dressing bub in these for our trip home from the hospital.


More baby sewing to come!

Mitty x

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