molly dress

Winter has just begun, and I seem to be on a dress-making spree. I’m not sure what it is, but tights and stretchy dresses feel like the most comfortable items at the moment!

MBM_Molly Dress 04

This is my new Molly Dress by Sew Over It. I’ve made the top version a few times, but this was the first time I’d made the dress. I thought it would be a great dress to wear during pregnancy, as it’s a pretty straight forward design made for stretchy fabrics.

MBM_Molly Dress 02

However, I’m not sure this fabric is quite right for this pattern. I bought it online, so I had to rely on the product description to gauge the amount of stretch. With 4% spandex, there really isn’t much give in the fabric. I’m not too sure for how much longer I’ll be able to wear this dress.

That being said, I really enjoy the large scale print of the floral design and the overall colour palette. The deep, navy background is perfect to make the flowers pop.

MBM_Molly Dress 03

I made the pattern as is, but I did add a center back seam, mostly to conserve a bit of fabric. I almost wish I’d cut it in a full piece though, the doubling design can be a bit weird to look at.


Even if this dress only gets a few weeks of wear, I think it’s really pretty and a great pattern for pregnancy. I have learnt a lesson in buying fabric online, however!

Mitty x

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