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molly dress

Winter has just begun, and I seem to be on a dress-making spree. I’m not sure what it is, but tights and stretchy dresses feel like the most comfortable items at the moment!

MBM_Molly Dress 04

This is my new Molly Dress by Sew Over It. I’ve made the top version a few times, but this was the first time I’d made the dress. I thought it would be a great dress to wear during pregnancy, as it’s a pretty straight forward design made for stretchy fabrics.

MBM_Molly Dress 02

However, I’m not sure this fabric is quite right for this pattern. I bought it online, so I had to rely on the product description to gauge the amount of stretch. With 4% spandex, there really isn’t much give in the fabric. I’m not too sure for how much longer I’ll be able to wear this dress.

That being said, I really enjoy the large scale print of the floral design and the overall colour palette. The deep, navy background is perfect to make the flowers pop.

MBM_Molly Dress 03

I made the pattern as is, but I did add a center back seam, mostly to conserve a bit of fabric. I almost wish I’d cut it in a full piece though, the doubling design can be a bit weird to look at.


Even if this dress only gets a few weeks of wear, I think it’s really pretty and a great pattern for pregnancy. I have learnt a lesson in buying fabric online, however!

Mitty x

ebony dress

In my quest to sew items of clothing that I can wear during and after pregnancy, I think I may have found the perfect non-maternity pattern.

MBM_Ebony Dress 04

This is the Ebony Dress by Closet Case Patterns. It’s a loose-fitting dress with loads of swing! I made a size 14, just for a bit of extra room for the coming months. You might be able to see that the sleeves look a little too large, I’m not overly fussed about it now, but after bub arrives I think I’ll bring them in for a closer fit.

MBM_Ebony Dress 02

This is such a great dress for layering! I am wearing it with stockings, a thermal undershirt from Uniqlo, and a slip. I also think it would look great with a denim jacket.

MBM_Ebony Dress 01

My fabric is a drapey, rayon spandex knit from Spotlight. It is lovely and soft, quite easy to work with, and I think it’s the perfect choice for this pattern. It’s the weirdest thing, in my pictures you can see the tiling repeat of the pattern quite easily, although, in real life, it’s hardly noticeable!

MBM_Ebony Dress 05


My ‘normal’ size in this pattern would be a 10, so I think the dress will need to be altered in a few places for post-pregnancy wear, but I love it for now.

Mitty x