another elliot sweater

With a goal in mind of sewing items of clothing that will fit during my pregnancy, and also after my pregnancy, I couldn’t go past sewing up a cosy Elliot Sweater.

I have a few versions of this pattern already (see here and here), but I wanted to try it out in a fabric that had a bit more body.

I had some 100% organic cotton fleece-backed jersey leftover from my White Russian Jumper a few years ago. There really wasn’t much of it left, but I had to believe that I could make it work.

MBM_ElliotJumper 07

I was going to have to piece together the tops of the sleeves, and I had to settle on a rather short collar.

MBM_ElliotJumper 01

I had just enough fabric! The collar turned out a bit like a funnel-neck, which I really enjoy! To make the patch job on the sleeves stand out, I added some gold holographic thread in a diamond pattern. It looks beautiful in real life but is absolutely impossible to capture on my iPhone.

MBM_ElliotJumper 06

MBM_ElliotJumper 05

MBM_ElliotJumper 03

I’m just over 20 weeks pregnant at the moment, and this jumper fits like a dream. It’s oversized enough to fit my growing belly without looking like a sack.

MBM_ElliotJumper 02

This is such a versatile pattern, I’m certain that it will get a lot of wear now, and also after the baby comes.


  • Pattern brand/name/number: Elliot Sweater by Helen’s Closet
  • Style/size: View A, size large
  • Fabric: 100% organic cotton fleece-backed jersey from my stash, originally from The Remnant Warehouse
  • Notions: Gütermann thread 310 (navy), Gütermann Sulky CA 02776 (gold holographic)
  • Modifications/alterations:
    • Pieced the fabric together so I had enough to cut the sleeves
    • Used a much shorter collar than written, due to the lack of fabric

As much as I love the detailing on the shoulders, I managed to snap three of the gold threads when I was taking it off. There is no give with that thread, and to save the overall look being a bit scruffy, I may have to remove all the stitching.

Do you have any pattern suggestions for maternity wear? Let me know in a comment!

Mitty x

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