scrap pouch

I am forever trying to think of new ways to use the scraps of fabric that come hand in hand with sewing. This little pouch was inspired by some dried rose petals I had bought from the Food Co-Op in Katoomba.

MBM_Pouch 01

I used some scraps from my hand-sewn Tokyo jacket, which is a 100% cotton slub in a beautiful dusky rose colour.

MBM_Pouch 02

I sewed it by hand because I really wanted to sit on the lounge and binge-watch a bit of YouTube. While sewing, I found that I really liked the way that the ‘inside’ looked, and decided to keep it as the outside. I frayed the side seams and hand-stitched the eyelets for the ribbon.

MBM_Pouch 03

Next, I filled it with the dried rose petals. These were labelled “organic”, and have such a delicate perfume and a vibrant colour.

MBM_Pouch 04

Finally, I tied the ribbon up and did a little stylized photoshoot. The pouch now sits on my bedside table, and I like to give it a little squeeze to help release the scent before I go to sleep.

This was a very quick project, and I think it’s super adorable!

Mitty x



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