wilder gown

Do you ever see a pattern that is blowing up in the Sewing Community and think, “nah, this one isn’t for me”? That was my first thought when I saw the Wilder Gown by Friday Pattern Company.

It looked too fussy at the neck, too covered at the chest, and so oversized and loose that I couldn’t see how anyone could make it look elegant. It also reminded me of a Victorian nightgown, which is totally a look; I just didn’t know if I could pull it off.

Then, I browsed the hashtag #wildergown, my arm was twisted and I fell in love! See some of my favourite Wilders below:


MBM_Wilder 01

Now, I’m the first to admit that the fabric I chose really does make this look like a nightgown! It absolutely needs the right accessories to liven it up.

MBM_Wilder 03

MBM_Wilder 04

When making the pattern, you can decide to have the necktie functional (so tied up every time you wear it), or you can leave them open, but you do have to tack the neckline to them, otherwise it just falls open. I enjoy wearing this dress both ways, so if I want to wear the neck open, I just use some small gold safety pins to secure the ties.

MBM_Wilder 02

The fabric I used was some printed rayon from Spotlight, and while I love how floaty and summery it is, it does need ironing before every wear… Not a huge task, I know, but it has put me off wearing it a few times.

MBM_Wilder 06

MBM_Wilder 05

I also really love the dress styled with a denim jacket, it certainly makes it look a little more modern.


I made this dress back in 2019, it’s taken me a while to get some nice pictures of it, so this doesn’t tick off the Wilder Gown listed in my Make Nine for 2020. I have another printed rayon for that make, and I think I’ll do a few things differently.

Mitty x

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