make nine 2020

“The Make Nine Challenge is a gentle, self guided challenge for makers”

Rochelle – homerowfiberco

This challenge worked so well for me last year, I decided to give it another go this year. Again, I have tried to plan my projects so I can make them during the year, as the seasons change.

MBM_Make Nine 2020

This list is full of items that I reached for last year, but didn’t have. I’d really like to get into wearing more “day dresses”, so there are a few in my list.

I am also desperate for some comfy track pants. Somehow, I got through last winter with a single pair, a RTW pair, no less! I think I’ll be making at least 4 pairs.

I feel like each of these items will fill the gaps in my wardrobe. I am also planning to use fabrics from my stash for a few of them!

I’m really hoping to complete this list in 2020, I certainly think it is achievable, and I’ll be so happy if I do!

Mitty x

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