hand sewn tokyo jacket

There are a lot of “firsts” that go along with this project.

  1. It is my first post of 2020
  2. This is my first fully hand sewn item of clothing
  3. I’ve created my first sewing vlog on YouTube about this jacket

A bit about YouTube later, let’s have a look at the jacket.

MBM_Tokyo Jacket 09

In the past, hand sewing and I had a strained relationship. I didn’t have time for it, and it always looked sloppy when I attempted it. However, over the past year, I’ve grown a real appreciation for hand sewing, so I decided to set myself a bit of a challenge.

MBM_Tokyo Jacket 06

I wanted to make an item of clothing that was completely hand sewn, by my hands. After a bit of searching for the right pattern, I decided to make the Tokyo Jacket by Tessuti Patterns. It’s an oversized, unlined jacket, in a slouchy style that I seem to be drawn to lately.

MBM_Tokyo Jacket 08

My fabric is from Spotlight, and it was labelled “Fancy Cotton Slub” in the colour Antique Pink. It was really lovely to work with, and I love how it looks like linen.

MBM_Tokyo Jacket 01

Hand stitching this jacket took just over one week. Each seam was sewn with a backstitch, then the raw edges of the seam allowance were hidden away using a flat-felled seam finish. This makes sure that the inside looks just as neat as the outside.

MBM_Tokyo Jacket 03

As well as adding my own label to the neckline, I slipped this cute one by Kylie and the Machine in at the side seam. The metallic thread used to weave the letters is such a perfect match for the antique pink colour of the fabric.

MBM_Tokyo Jacket 05

I am so very pleased with how this jacket turned out! It feels much more… made than anything else I’ve ever sewn. You can see all of the flat-felled seams; the stitching threads peak through to the outside and I simply love it. Hand stitching this jacket has certainly given me the confidence to take on something a little more involved next time!

If you are interested in watching my process vlog, click here!


Would you try hand sewing an item of clothing? I found it really wasn’t difficult, and I came to enjoy the nights sitting on the lounge with my sewing project in hand.

Mitty x

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