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sorrento bucket hat

I love bucket hats on kids. The style is so good for protecting their little faces, ears and necks from the sun. My son had outgrown his last bucket hat and was in desperate need of a new one.

MBM_Sorrento 01

Enter, the Sorrento Bucket Hat. This is a free pattern from Elbe Textiles, and it is exactly what I wanted. Both the hat sides and the brim are nice and deep, so they provide excellent sun protection.

MBM_Sorrento 02

My little boy is like me, he doesn’t deal well with the heat and humidity. To try and add a bit of ventilation, I made four eyelets in the hat, one on either side of the side seam. I hand-stitched these eyelets, and I think they turned out very neat.

MBM_Sorrento 03

As I was using a medium weight cotton fabric for this hat, I decided to reinforce the brim by adding some heavyweight interfacing (like the stuff they use in the collars of mens’ shirts). For a personal touch, I embroidered my sons’ name on some ribbon, to act as a name label.

MBM_Sorrento 04

This hat has already been to the zoo, daycare and the back yard, and I honestly can’t recommend it enough. He really likes it too, I guess I made the right decision by using fabric with cars printed on it!


  • Pattern brand/name/number: Sorrento Bucket Hat by Elbe Textiles
  • Style, size: XS
  • Fabric: Medium weight cotton (almost like quilting cotton) from my Mums fabric stash
  • Notions: Heavyweight interfacing, matching thread
  • Modifications/alterations: Added an eyelet to either side of the side seams to add ventilation

I’m so impressed with this pattern that I think I might make one for myself, although, maybe not in matching fabric..!

Mitty x

scrap pouch

I am forever trying to think of new ways to use the scraps of fabric that come hand in hand with sewing. This little pouch was inspired by some dried rose petals I had bought from the Food Co-Op in Katoomba.

MBM_Pouch 01

I used some scraps from my hand-sewn Tokyo jacket, which is a 100% cotton slub in a beautiful dusky rose colour.

MBM_Pouch 02

I sewed it by hand because I really wanted to sit on the lounge and binge-watch a bit of YouTube. While sewing, I found that I really liked the way that the ‘inside’ looked, and decided to keep it as the outside. I frayed the side seams and hand-stitched the eyelets for the ribbon.

MBM_Pouch 03

Next, I filled it with the dried rose petals. These were labelled “organic”, and have such a delicate perfume and a vibrant colour.

MBM_Pouch 04

Finally, I tied the ribbon up and did a little stylized photoshoot. The pouch now sits on my bedside table, and I like to give it a little squeeze to help release the scent before I go to sleep.

This was a very quick project, and I think it’s super adorable!

Mitty x



wilder gown

Do you ever see a pattern that is blowing up in the Sewing Community and think, “nah, this one isn’t for me”? That was my first thought when I saw the Wilder Gown by Friday Pattern Company.

It looked too fussy at the neck, too covered at the chest, and so oversized and loose that I couldn’t see how anyone could make it look elegant. It also reminded me of a Victorian nightgown, which is totally a look; I just didn’t know if I could pull it off.

Then, I browsed the hashtag #wildergown, my arm was twisted and I fell in love! See some of my favourite Wilders below:


MBM_Wilder 01

Now, I’m the first to admit that the fabric I chose really does make this look like a nightgown! It absolutely needs the right accessories to liven it up.

MBM_Wilder 03

MBM_Wilder 04

When making the pattern, you can decide to have the necktie functional (so tied up every time you wear it), or you can leave them open, but you do have to tack the neckline to them, otherwise it just falls open. I enjoy wearing this dress both ways, so if I want to wear the neck open, I just use some small gold safety pins to secure the ties.

MBM_Wilder 02

The fabric I used was some printed rayon from Spotlight, and while I love how floaty and summery it is, it does need ironing before every wear… Not a huge task, I know, but it has put me off wearing it a few times.

MBM_Wilder 06

MBM_Wilder 05

I also really love the dress styled with a denim jacket, it certainly makes it look a little more modern.


I made this dress back in 2019, it’s taken me a while to get some nice pictures of it, so this doesn’t tick off the Wilder Gown listed in my Make Nine for 2020. I have another printed rayon for that make, and I think I’ll do a few things differently.

Mitty x

make nine 2020

“The Make Nine Challenge is a gentle, self guided challenge for makers”

Rochelle – homerowfiberco

This challenge worked so well for me last year, I decided to give it another go this year. Again, I have tried to plan my projects so I can make them during the year, as the seasons change.

MBM_Make Nine 2020

This list is full of items that I reached for last year, but didn’t have. I’d really like to get into wearing more “day dresses”, so there are a few in my list.

I am also desperate for some comfy track pants. Somehow, I got through last winter with a single pair, a RTW pair, no less! I think I’ll be making at least 4 pairs.

I feel like each of these items will fill the gaps in my wardrobe. I am also planning to use fabrics from my stash for a few of them!

I’m really hoping to complete this list in 2020, I certainly think it is achievable, and I’ll be so happy if I do!

Mitty x

hand sewn tokyo jacket

There are a lot of “firsts” that go along with this project.

  1. It is my first post of 2020
  2. This is my first fully hand sewn item of clothing
  3. I’ve created my first sewing vlog on YouTube about this jacket

A bit about YouTube later, let’s have a look at the jacket.

MBM_Tokyo Jacket 09

In the past, hand sewing and I had a strained relationship. I didn’t have time for it, and it always looked sloppy when I attempted it. However, over the past year, I’ve grown a real appreciation for hand sewing, so I decided to set myself a bit of a challenge.

MBM_Tokyo Jacket 06

I wanted to make an item of clothing that was completely hand sewn, by my hands. After a bit of searching for the right pattern, I decided to make the Tokyo Jacket by Tessuti Patterns. It’s an oversized, unlined jacket, in a slouchy style that I seem to be drawn to lately.

MBM_Tokyo Jacket 08

My fabric is from Spotlight, and it was labelled “Fancy Cotton Slub” in the colour Antique Pink. It was really lovely to work with, and I love how it looks like linen.

MBM_Tokyo Jacket 01

Hand stitching this jacket took just over one week. Each seam was sewn with a backstitch, then the raw edges of the seam allowance were hidden away using a flat-felled seam finish. This makes sure that the inside looks just as neat as the outside.

MBM_Tokyo Jacket 03

As well as adding my own label to the neckline, I slipped this cute one by Kylie and the Machine in at the side seam. The metallic thread used to weave the letters is such a perfect match for the antique pink colour of the fabric.

MBM_Tokyo Jacket 05

I am so very pleased with how this jacket turned out! It feels much more… made than anything else I’ve ever sewn. You can see all of the flat-felled seams; the stitching threads peak through to the outside and I simply love it. Hand stitching this jacket has certainly given me the confidence to take on something a little more involved next time!

If you are interested in watching my process vlog, click here!


Would you try hand sewing an item of clothing? I found it really wasn’t difficult, and I came to enjoy the nights sitting on the lounge with my sewing project in hand.

Mitty x