reusable face pads

I’ve just finished my third toile of the Pietra Pants, so I don’t have a finished garment to show you this week.

However, I thought I’d show you a small project that is always ticking along on the side. I love using my fabric scraps to their full potential (see my floor pouf!), so whenever I have a few bits of nicely printed cotton or linen hanging around, I turn them into reusable face pads.

MBM_Face Pads 01

These pads are fantastic for removing makeup, cleanser, or a face mask. They are also great for applying toner. Once you’ve used it, just chuck it in the wash with the rest of your towels, dry, and repeat!

MBM_Face Pads 02

For my template, I just traced around a jar lid (the circle ended up being 7cm in diameter). Then I cut 2 circles of fabric, one side is the cotton or linen, the other is a bamboo terry towelling I bought ages ago to make some bibs for my baby (you could use an old towel or face washer).

MBM_Face Pads 03

I like to secure the two sides together by stitching through both layers in an X pattern. Then, I simply zigzag stitch around the perimeter to prevent fraying.

This is such a great stash-busting project! It takes hardly any time, and the result means less waste in our landfills. Plus, they just feel luxurious!

Mitty x

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