scrap busting stellan

Ooh I love a good scrap busting pattern! On a recent trip to my parents’ house, I dug through my Mums fabric stash and came across some black, stretchy, non-descript fabric. There really wasn’t much of it, but I knew I could piece it together into something wearable.

MBM_Stellan Black 03

This is my 5th Stellan Tee, and I love it just as much as the previous versions. This really is a wonderful pattern for stash busting, you just have to get a little creative with your fabric.

MBM_Stellan Black 01

I only had enough fabric to cut single pieces for the sleeves and the neckband. Both the front and the back had to be pieced together. I decided to give most of the fabric to the front, so there is only a single join there (center front).

MBM_Stellan Black 06

I had to cut the back from 4 pieces. Instead of trying to hide this, I decided to play on it, by using the wrong, un-printed side as an accent. I’m thrilled with how it turned out!

MBM_Stellan Black 05

I liked the reverse side so much, that I decided to use it for the neckband as well.

MBM_Stellan Black 04

If I saw this fabric instore, I don’t think I would have picked it up. It’s almost too thick and heavy for this pattern (it does bunch at the underarms a bit), but I’m so pleased with the result! My husband actually commented that it looked like a premium RTW t-shirt!


  • Pattern brand/name/number: The Stellan Tee by French Navy
  • Style, size: Size M
  • Fabric: ??? Probably a poly blend
  • Notions: Thread
  • Modifications/alterations: I didn’t finish any of the hems, I just let them raw

Do you scrap bust? Let me know your go-to patterns!

Mitty x

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