sydney frocktails outfit – spring 2019

Frocktails! One of the most anticipated events on any sewists’ calendar across the globe! This would be my first time attending Frocktails (along with my Mum!), so I went all out on some really lovely fabric for my outfit.

mbm_frocktails 01

Where else does one go for super special fabric, other than Tessuti?! I saw this amazing Italian designer printed 100% viscose pop up on their Instagram and knew I had to have it! The large scale, abstract floral design is stunning. I love that the edges of the lines aren’t solid, they almost look like tie-dye.

mbm_frocktails 02

I absolutely love a dressy jumpsuit, but going to the ‘ladies’ can pose a few problems… (who likes sitting on the toilet naked?!) I decided to go for the jumpsuit look, but in separates. I used the Winslow Culottes and the ever faithful Ogden Cami.

mbm_frocktails 03

When my fabric arrived in the post, it wasn’t as opaque as I had hoped. I decided to fully line the cami and the culottes with some ivory viscose from The Fabric Store.

mbm_frocktails 07

This was simple enough with the cami, I just used the standard front and back pattern pieces and cut them about an inch shorter at the hem. To give the neckline a fighting chance, I used some iron-on interfacing to help stabilise it. I also under stitched by hand, which gave a really lovely result.

mbm_frocktails 10

Lining the culottes was another story, and all because I had extended the top of the pocket bag so it could be sewn into the waistband. I wanted the lining to hang directly behind the outer fabric, so there was no chance of seeing the pockets. This meant I had to leave the side seams of the lining open to the bottom of the pocket, so I could slip the pockets through to the very inside.

mbm_frocktails 11

This actually worked really well. I anchored the bottom of the pockets and the lining together by using a thread doubled over and loosely tied to form a ring. This gives both layers of fabric enough ease to move around, but the tacking stitch isn’t so tight that it pulls and is visible on the outside.

mbm_frocktails 09

I also took the opportunity to have a go at a hand-picked zipper for the first time. It was so much easier than I thought it was going to be, and I think it looks really lovely!

mbm_frocktails 04

As if a matching two-piece outfit wasn’t enough, I also made a pair of polymer clay earrings to wear. I have to thank my Mum, who sanded and polished these to perfection!


  • Pattern brand/name/number:
  • Style, size:
    • Cami: size 12
    • Culottes: size 12, midi length
  • Fabric:
  • Notions: Iron-on interfacing, zipper, hook & eye, thread
  • Modifications/alterations:
    • Brought in the sides of the cami by 1cm (4cm in total)
    • Shortened the cami straps by 5cm
    • Used a full length lining for the cami
    • Culottes were sized the same as my wearable toile
    • Extended the pocket bag of the culottes so they were sewn into the waistband
    • Added lining to the culottes
    • I had to straighten off the hem of the culottes at the inner leg seam, it dropped quite noticeably (outer fabric only)

I also have to send out a huge thank you to Caz from UsefulBox for organising the whole event. I can only imagine the amount of work that went into the night, but it was clearly  appreciated by everyone who attended. I met some online friends in person, and made some new sewing friends too. I’m already looking forward to the next one!

Mitty x

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