yanta overalls

A few weeks ago, while rummaging in my local Salvo’s store, I came across two large, cotton twill curtains. They were very long and had a little sun damaged down the sides. I knew exactly what I was going to make from them.

mbm_yanta 08

I purchased them both for $9 (I know), got them home and did some measuring. Each one was 2.38m long, and 137cm wide. That means I got 4.76m of fabric for about 50c p/m.

I unpicked the curtain tape across the top, double wrapped them in plastic bags, and popped them into the freezer overnight to kill off any bugs, The next day, I washed and dried the fabric, and it was ready to use.

mbm_yanta 04

I had a bit of fun with the stripes by cutting the chest pocket at the same angle as the top edge. I think it adds a bit of interest to the overall look.

mbm_yanta 01

I cut the back pockets straight, and I love the way they disappear into the pattern. If you have made the Yantas before, you might notice that I have cut the back pieces on the wrong grain line… a total “oops” on my part, I wasn’t paying close enough attention to the pattern pieces.

mbm_yanta 02

Another place I strayed from the instructions (totally intentional this time) was to add hardware on the straps. I think the adjustable sliders, strap loops and buttons make this pair of overalls look a little more polished.

mbm_yanta 03

I must admit, I was very nervous to wear this out in public. I don’t think the Yantas themselves, or the stripes, are too far from my normal style, but somehow together… I just wasn’t sure if I’d managed to pull this one off. But I pushed my insecurities to the side and wore them to my sons’ playgroup, where I received lots of compliments and had a lovely sewing conversation with another mum.

These overalls are very comfortable, I know they will get a lot of wear over spring/summer!


  • Pattern brand/name/number: Yanta Overalls by Helen’s Closet
  • Style, size: 3/4 length leg, 10 at bust graded to 14 at hips
  • Fabric: Cotton twill curtains thrifted from the Salvos, white cotton for facing from my stash
  • Notions: 20cm invisible zipper at side, metal hardware from M.Recht Accessories
  • Modifications/alterations:
    • I had to bring the hips and legs in a lot, maybe around 12cm in total
    • I originally cut the crotch at a size 14, and it was just too low and baggy. This wasn’t an easy fix, but cut and pasted extra fabric into the crotch and re-cut it at a size 10. It isn’t the prettiest of fixes, but it made a big difference to the wearability of the finished item
    • Shortened the legs by about 4cm
    • Left off the front leg pockets
    • Extended the straps by about 6cm to add hardware

mbm_yanta 07

The eagle-eyed among you may also recognise this fabric from my last post… May as well use as much of it as possible! I still have some left, maybe I’ll make an apron from it!

Mitty x

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