closet case patterns – floor pouf

I’m sure that anyone who sews has run into this problem: what do I do with all my scraps of fabric?

For the majority of my sewing life, I was putting them in the bin. I just didn’t know what to do with them. Of course, the bigger bits I kept for future projects, but I couldn’t keep everything. Then I heard that you could recycle your fabric scraps at H&M. So that’s where I would take my bags of scraps until we moved away from the city.

These bags have since been accumulating under my sewing desk, taking up my foot room. Something had to be done. I remembered that the girls from Closet Case Patterns had a free pattern for a big floor pouf that you could not only make from scraps, but also fill with your scraps!

mbm_ccp pouf 01

It’s pretty hard to take a nice picture of a sad, half-filled pouf, but I did my best! While I could have gone for the patchwork vibe, I decided to make the entire thing out of this striped cotton fabric that used to be a curtain.

mbm_ccp pouf 02

I wasn’t overly concerned with pattern matching, some stripes do not line up, but the overall look is pretty good. I also made the piping from the same fabric.

mbm_ccp pouf 03

The zipper on the bottom is such a great idea, initially, I thought it would be worked into the side seam somehow, but this is (obviously) a much better place for it.

mbm_ccp pouf 04

I made the suggested inner bag to hold all the scraps from some mesh that was in my stash. My drawstring is a packing ribbon from Tessuti (which I always save).

mbm_ccp pouf 05

This thing isn’t even half full yet, and it weighs a tonne! I can’t wait to see it all puffed and filled to the brim. The only thing is, once it is full, where do I put my scraps?!

I’ll have to make another pouf! And so the cycle continues!

Mitty x

4 thoughts on “closet case patterns – floor pouf

  1. Jan Mitchell

    You might run out of friends to gift these to in time Samantha. Meanwhile keep on saving and stuffing. Love xx


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