winslow culottes – a wearable toile

One of my first jobs was working at Baker’s Delight, a classic-style bakery franchise. The uniform included culottes. They were absolutely hideous, I hated wearing them, but I did because it got rather hot behind the counter.

Never (!) did I think I would want to sew, let alone wear, a pair of culottes. Then, Helen from Helen’s Closet released the Winslows.

MBM_Winslow 06


These are the floatiest, most stylish culottes I have ever seen or worn. I think the simple inverted box pleats work so well with a fussy print like this.

MBM_Winslow 03

Clearly I am having too much fun in these! I honestly couldn’t help but swish around.

MBM_Winslow 05

Oh yes, this baby has pockets too! I’m not sure I’ll be putting much in them though, this rayon fabric is very soft and I think anything too heavy would distort the silhouette. However, it is lovely to have them there to slip my hands into.

MBM_Winslow 02

These were always intended as a toile for my Frocktails outfit, but I am so pleased with how they turned out that I’m sure they will get a good workout over Spring/Summer.


  • Pattern brand/name/number: Winslow Culottes by Helen’s Closet
  • Style, size: Midi length, size 12
  • Fabric: 100% rayon “Night Garden” (that’s been sitting in my stash for about 5 years) from Spotlight
  • Notions: Iron on fusing, invisible zipper, matching thread
  • Modifications/alterations:
    • Ended up taking 4cm out of the waistband (1 cm from the back, and 1/2cm from the side seams, which I created). To fit the pants into the waistband, I took them in by 1/2cm at both side seams, the front seam and the back seam. I could probably just make a straight size 10 next time.
    • 4cm off the hem length.

MBM_Winslow 01

These culottes ticked so many boxes for me, I got to use fabric from my stash, I perfected the fit, and I completed another project from my Make Nine 2019 list. Happy days!

Mitty x


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