me made may 2019 – in conclusion

Me Made May is over for another year, and if I’m honest, I did sigh a little sigh of relief on the 1st of June. While I understand that the challenge is supposed to be fun and lighthearted, to me it is still a challenge, and something I want to do well in.

I didn’t think that sticking to my self-imposed rules was going to be too difficult, however, I still found it a little hard picking out what to wear some days. I think that is mostly down to not having enough me-made Winter items.

To recap, below is the challenge I set myself:

  1. Wear at least one me-made item per day
  2. Document, and assess any gaps in my handmade wardrobe
  3. Have the courage to let go of any me-mades that no longer fit (my style or waistline)

How about we see what I actually wore.

Day 1 - 6

TOP L – R: 01 Mandy Boat Tee, Knitted Socks; 02 Monroe TurtleNeck; 03 Elliot Sweater, Ginger Jeans BOTTOM L – R: 04 Kielo Wrap Dress, Self Drafted Vest; 05 White Russian Jumper, Ginger Jeans; 06 Molly Top

Day 7 - 12

TOP L – R: 07 New Look Jacket, Ginger Jeans; 08 Monroe TurtleNeck, Avery Leggings, Knitted Socks; 09 Mandy Boat Tee, Ginger Jeans BOTTOM L – R: 10 Elliot Sweater; 11 Ginger Jeans; 12 Self Drafted Vest

Day 13 - 18

TOP L – R: 13 Monroe TurtleNeck; 14 No Me Made; 15 Erin Skirt BOTTOM L – R: 16 Ruffle Sleeve Top; 17 Ruffle Sleeve Top, Ginger Jeans; 18 Self Drafted Box Pleat Skirt

Day 19 - 24

TOP L – R: 19 Kielo Wrap Dress; 20 Monroe TurtleNeck; 21 Molly Top BOTTOM L – R: 22 Monroe TurtleNeck, Ginger Jeans; 23 Mandy Boat Tee; 24 Avery Leggings

Day 25 - 31

TOP L – R: 25 Elliot Sweater, Ginger Jeans; 26 Berlin Jacket, Ginger Jeans; 27 White Russian Jumper BOTTOM L – R: 28 Kielo Wrap Dress, Berlin Jacket; 29 Elliot Sweater, Berlin Jacket; 30 Berlin Jacket, Ginger Jeans; 31 Ginger Jeans

There was only one day that I didn’t manage to wear any me-made, but I was sewing jeans that day.. so… does that make up for it?!

One thing I can see straight away, is that my style is very reflective of my life at the moment. I’m a stay at home mum, looking after my almost 2 year old. The times I go out are generally the weekends, so that’s when I tend to wear something that’s not just trackie pants and a t-shirt.

I thought it would be fun to document my colour pallet too, so I noted the number of times I wore a colour (me-made only) and plotted them in the graph below.

Colour Pie Chart

Thank goodness for that burst of burgundy there at the end! I know I have a lot of navy and grey in my wardrobe, so I’m not really surprised by the results. I might challenge myself to sew with some different colours over the warmer months. Also, stripes are totally a colour!

I really wanted to figure out what my Winter wardrobe was missing, and I think it’s pretty obvious. I would really like to fill the following gaps:

  1. Jeans! My one and only pair of Ginger Jeans certainly got a workout over May!
  2. More me made bottoms. I’d love a few pairs of True Bias Hudson Pants. Also, Lander Pants.
  3. Clearly, I’m all for knit jersey comfort, but I found myself wishing for tops that were a bit classier.
  4. Winter dresses, specifically Kielo Wrap Dresses. The one I have was such a pleasure to wear, I need more STAT.
  5. Jackets. It’s starting to get very cold here, I’d love another Berlin Jacket, but I also would like a Sapporo Coat, or a Haori Jacket.

Overall, I enjoyed the challenge of Me Made May. I tend to wear my makes often anyway, but certainly not every single day (I’m currently writing this in zero me-mades). Hopefully, by next year I will have a larger selection of items and colours to choose from. Best get sewing!

Here are the links to the patterns I’ve made:

Mandy Boat Tee / Monroe TurtleNeck / Elliot Sweater / Ginger Jeans / Kielo Wrap Dress / White Russian Jumper / Molly Top / New Look 6496 / Avery Leggings / Erin Skirt / Ruffle Sleeve Top / Berlin Jacket

Mitty x

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