berlin jacket

When I was planning my Make Nine list for 2019, I thought about what I might like to make for each season. I don’t have many me-made jackets, so it’s not surprising that two ended up on the list.

I’ve wanted a Tessuti Belin Jacket for a long time now, so I allocated this make for the month of May. My birthday is in May, so my gift this year was the boiled wool needed for the jacket.

MBM_Berlin 01

I decided on this beautiful scarlet hue. My wardrobe has a lot of navy/grey/black at the moment, so I really wanted something to inject a bit of colour in there.

MBM_Berlin 05

The boiled wool itself was a dream to sew with! I used my walking foot (as instructed) and the whole thing came together very quickly. I really love the overlapped seams and the patch pockets, they add a lovely visual detail to an otherwise simple jacket.

MBM_Berlin 04

The jacket certainly has that oversized, comfy feel, while still looking sleek and modern. The fact that there isn’t a collar means I can wear collared tops underneath, (see my Elliot Sweater) without having too much bulk around my neck.

MBM_Berlin 02

The jacket is unlined, so it certainly won’t hold up to the blue-mountains-middle-of-winter-weather, but it is perfect for those sunny, but chilly days.

MBM_Berlin 07

I ordered my fabric online, so when it arrived it came wrapped with a cute Tessuti ribbon. It’s not called for in the instructions but I used the ribbon to stabilise the shoulder seams. The last thing I want is my gorgeous jacket stretching out!


MBM_Berlin 06

Happy Birthday To Me!

Mitty x

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