sewing for my sewing machine

I am very lucky to have a dedicated sewing space in my home. I have everything set up in the corner of our lounge room, and while I don’t have to pack everything away at the end of the day, I do like to keep the area looking as neat as possible.

MBM_Machine Cover 01

A while ago, I read a post from Closet Case Patterns about making dust covers for their sewing machines. My particular Janome came with a hardcover, but I really wanted something prettier! As you can see, I took a lot of inspiration from CC.

MBM_Machine Cover 02

A trip to Spotlight rewarded me with this duck cotton in a gorgeous Monstera Deliciosa print. It adds a lovely pop of fresh green colour to my sewing space.

MBM_Machine Cover 04

I didn’t use the free pattern offered by CC, I just drew around the hardcover I already had. It made for a perfectly fitting dust cover. As you can see, I also used piping on the edges, and I added pockets to the back.

MBM_Machine Cover 05

MBM_Machine Cover 06

The back pockets are perfect for storing the machine foot and power cord when I’m not using them. Again, totally inspired by CC, but it’s such a brilliant addition (who doesn’t love pockets?!).

MBM_Machine Cover 07

The cover doubles as a great place to show off my sewing pins! This cute ‘me made‘ enamel pin is from Joy at Pink Coat Club. I’ll have to grab a few more pins to add to my collection.

MBM_Machine Cover 08

This cover was a quick and rewarding project. I just wish I’d bought more fabric because my overlocker is crying out for a cover too!

Mitty x

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