ruffle sleeve top

What could be better than a well drafted top pattern that includes beautiful finishing techniques?

MMM_Ruffle Top 01

Answer: a well drafted top pattern that includes beautiful finishing techniques that you can download for free!

MMM_Ruffle Top 02

This is the Ruffle Sleeve Top, designed by Emily from In The Folds, exclusively for Peppermint Magazine. Emily has such an amazing, clean aesthetic that really shines through her patterns, and I think it is very generous to offer them for free!

MMM_Ruffle Top 04

I shamelessly took a lot of inspiration from Amanda of Bimble & Pimble after seeing her ruffle sleeve top on Instagram. I purchased a pretty navy check cotton from Tessuti Fabrics and had this baby hanging in my wardrobe the next day.

MMM_Ruffle Top 06

I actually made this navy linen version first, you could call it my “wearable toile”. It’s one size up from the checkered top, and is probably a little big on me. The linen is so lovely and gets softer after every wear.

MMM_Ruffle Top 07

I mentioned before about beautiful finishing techniques. This pattern is sewn with French Seams! I’d never done a French Seam on a sleeve before, and I am thrilled with how clean it looks on the inside.

MMM_Ruffle Top 05


MMM_Ruffle Top 03

Love, love, LOVE this top! I already want to make a white version, maybe with an eyelet fabric for the ruffle sleeves (better pop it on the Spring Sewing List!).

Mitty x

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