3am cable hat

As much as I love sewing, it’s not something I like to do at night after my son has gone to bed. The light isn’t great, and I’m exhausted from a long day. I’d much prefer to sit on the lounge with a glass of wine, and knit!

You might not know this, but my first blog was all about knitting and crochet, I called it “This Girl Has Knits” which I thought was a very funny title. I moved over to MMM because I wanted to share more than just knitting.

MMM_Beanie 01

We are a few weeks into Autumn here in Australia, and the weather has (finally) started to cool down. It’s been a while since I’ve knit something, so I wanted to warm up that knitting-muscle-memory with a pattern I’ve made before.

MMM_Beanie 02

This pattern is the “3am cable hat” by Smariek Knits. It’s free and available on Ravelry (her user name is Smariek). It’s a beautiful little pattern, I absolutely adore a cable!

MMM_Beanie 03

The pattern calls for a regular pom-pom, but I wanted to step it up a bit. My mum is the creator of Blue Valley Bears, selling hand stitched bears, made from recycled vintage mink coats. She let me pick out this beautiful off-white fur, which I think is a nice tonal compliment to the cream wool.

MMM_Beanie 04


  • Pattern brand/name/number: 3am cable hat by Smariek Knits, available for free on Ravelry
  • Style/size: Measurements are unworn
    • Width of ribbing – 19cm
    • Length of ribbing – 10cm
    • Width of cable – 16cm
    • Length of cable – 18cm
  • Yarn: King Cole, Baby Alpaca DK (it must have been 2 balls worth, I’m not sure)
  • Notions: Recycled mink fur pom-pom
  • Modifications/alterations:
    • Using 4.00mm needles I used the long tail method to cast on 132 stitches, and joined to work in the round
    • I knit the 2 x 2 ribbing until it was 10cm (4 inches) long
    • Moved onto the cable pattern which I worked until the beanie measured 23cm (9 inches) from the cast on
    • Crown shaped as instructed

This beanie is lovely, fuzzy and soft, I am very happy with it. The pattern is simple and easy to follow, although I did have to look up how to do a few things (SSK… I know) because it’s been that long since I’ve done any knitting!

Now to make one for hubby!

Mitty x



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