oslo coat from 2017

We are officially in Autumn here in Australia, my favourite season! The weather is slowly cooling down, so I thought I’d show off one of my proudest makes.

Oslo Coat - Made by Mitty

This is the Oslo Coat by Tessuti Patterns. I actually made this back in 2017 when I was pregnant. It didn’t get any wear that year as I couldn’t do it up over my growing belly.

Oslo Coat - Made by Mitty

I loved this pattern for it’s sleek, modern look, and the shawl collar is such an awesome design feature.

Oslo Coat - Made by Mitty

I made my coat out of a 100% wool fabric from The Remnant Warehouse. I remember the tag saying that it was a “felted wool”, but I must be wrong as this fabric has a defined nap.

Oslo Coat - Made by Mitty

I also picked up my lining from The Remnant Warehouse. I went for the higher grade lining and I’m glad I did.

Oslo Coat - Made by MItty

This was my first time making a lined coat, and while the instructions are well written, my lining seemed too short in the arms. It pulled at the outer fabric so much that I had to fix it. I added about 2.5cm (plus seam allowance) to the cuff of my lining, which reduced the pulling and let the sleeve hang nicely.

Oslo Coat - Made by Mitty

I also ended up sewing my buttons a little closer to the front edges of the coat than instructed. I think I did this so I could button it up over my post-baby belly. However it does warp the collar a little, but it’s something I can live with.

Oslo Coat - Made by Mitty


  • Pattern brand/name/number: Oslo Coat by Tessuti Patterns
  • Style, size: Size 10
  • Fabric: “Felted” wool and polyester lining from The Remnant Warehouse (I can’t find a link to either fabric)
  • Notions: 1 brass button for outside closure, 1 black plastic button for inside closure, fusing, thread
  • Modifications/alterations:
    • As mentioned, I had to add 2.5cm (plus seam allowance) length to the sleeve lining pieces so they didn’t pull and pucker the outer wool layer
    • I used a walking foot to sew the wool, I feel like it helped keep everything aligned

I am so proud of this coat, even more so when people ask where I got it from, and I smugly reply that I made it. You should make one too, so you can do the same!

Mitty x

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