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unselfish making: crochet market bag

As much as I enjoy sewing and knitting for myself, I also love making things for others. I get a real kick out of the reactions people have when they open up a little parcel full of handmade Mitty goodness.


I decided to make this crochet bag for a lovely friend of mine, Nicole, that I met at work. Well, truth be told, I haven’t physically¬†met her, as she works in the Melbourne office, while I’m up in Sydney. An afternoon of chatting moved to the topic of the lack of space I have at home and how I miss growing veggies. Nicole happens to be an enthusiastic grower of all things organic. She has given me so much advice on growing, she’s sent me tones of seeds to get started, and she’s also sent me some of the most delicious home made preserves I have ever tasted.


Nicole is so generous, she passes it off as her evil plan to get more people growing for themselves, but I couldn’t accept all her gifts without feeling like I had to repay her.


I had to make her something. I knew she would really appreciate something sturdy to harvest all her veggies in, so I used a pattern from to crochet a market bag. It’s a simple, yet effective pattern, and makes a wonderful bag that is both stretchy and roomy, but folds up quite small, easy to shove into a pocket when not in use.


I made it from 100% cotton that I bought from Bendigo Woollen Mills years ago. I think it’s perfect, strong and sturdy, and can be thrown in the washing machine if it gets too dirty. I only had wool on hand to try and show it off, but Nicole has informed me that it works wonderfully with fruit!


Look at those happy little chickens! I love that she is finding it so useful, she’s been gushing about it ever since she received it!

Mitty x

striped boxy tee


As much as I love taking my time with an intricate pattern, I also love the instant satisfaction I get from a really quick sew. This boxy tee happens to be the latter.


You may remember this striped fabric from my haul last week, and how I said I was going to make a “Molly Top” from Sew Over It. I’m still going to do that, but I was able to squeeze another top out of the fabric with only a few compromises.

This is a self drafted pattern, normally used with woven fabrics, but I thought it would work just as well in a knit. First off, matching these stripes was a real pain! I washed the fabric first, and it must have warped when I hung it out to dry.

Can you add “modifications” to your own pattern..? I turned the straight hem into a curved hem, with the back dipping down a little further than the front. I also added little sleeve cuffs (cut off grain), instead of using a binding.


As this neckline leans toward a boat neckline, I wanted it to be as stable as possible, and not stretch out over time. I used tear-a-way to secure the neckline, then used a chambray binding that I cut from some scraps. I really wanted to use a patterned cotton for the binding, but the jersey wasn’t opaque enough and it showed through. I do like the chambray though!


I have only just bought myself a twin needle (can you believe it?), and it’s my favourite thing at the moment! I used it to give the hemline a really professional finish.


From cutting to wearing, this boxy tee only took me a few hours. I’m really happy with how it turned out, it’s comfy and easy to throw on, but I think the stripes make it look a little more fancy than it probably is.


Until next time,

Mitty x

fabric haul


Do you have a predictable style when fabric shopping? I do. I walk around the entire store first, patting fabrics, reading the tags, making a mental note of patterns and colours that interest me. On my second lap, I return to the things that really stick in my memory. Sometimes I walk away with nothing, other times, I strike gold!

All of the following fabrics come from a favourite haunt of mine, The Remnant Warehouse in Alexandria.



First up, I bought 2 meters of this “Amalfi Coast” Poly/Spandex jersey. It’s 150cm wide, medium weight, opaque, matte finish with a 1 way stretch. At $6.95 p/m, it was a bargain. The fabric is very soft, with a beautiful drape. This needs to be made into something comfy!



I recently purchased the ebook “My Capsule Wardrobe – City Break” from Sew Over It, and I was specifically on the hunt for a striped jersey so I could make my very own Molly Top. I wasn’t disappointed! I found this cotton spandex with a 5mm x 10mm stripe for $9.95 p/m. It’s 150cm wide, medium weight, opaque, matte finish with a 2 way stretch. As you can see in the pictures, it’s a little stiff, I’m hoping it will soften up after a few washes.



As soon as I ran my hand over this beautiful 100% silk crepe de chine, I knew I had to have it. It’s a Bec & Bridge remnant, 135cm wide, very light weight, semi opaque with a delustered finish. The best thing about this silk? It was only $14.95 p/m! I can see it sewn up into a lovely, airy blouse, maybe with a neck tie, maybe with long sleeves, I’m not too sure just yet.

What do you think of my haul? I think I came away with some really lovely fabric, and I’m excited to start sewing!

Mitty x