the wedding poem

The wedding poem, by Jo Thornely

She’s graceful like a pussycat – a tiger, or a panther.

She’s the best of all who start with ‘Sam’ and finish up with ‘Mantha’.

I’ve known her for a while now, and I’ll tell you the hot take:

There’s nothing in this whole wide world that Mitty cannot make.

She’ll make your heart just swell with glee, and you know how hearts are:

It takes a lot to make them swell. And then she’ll make a bra.

She’ll make you smile with her smile, and that’s why we all adore ‘er.

She’ll triple-braid your ponytail, then crochet a fedora.

She’ll knit a scarf, she’ll craft a tie, and next – you’ll never guess.

She’ll get her old Janome out, and sew this f*cking dress!

It’s clear you’ll make a million things throughout your happy life,

But the best thing that you’ll make today is lucky Reagan’s wife.

Photo by James Day

Photo by James Day

 Jo, you’re amazing, I love the poem so much! Thank you for being our M.C, you did such a wonderful job, and our guests were raving about you (as they should)!

Mitty x

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